XFT - Excel Fuel Treatment, 1 gallon (128 oz)
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( XFT ) Excel Fuel Treatment

For gasoline or diesel engines & bulk fuel storage tanks , The Ultimate in Fuel system maintenance , a unique blend of Anti-friction Metal Treatment and other superior additives which improve upper cylinder lubrication. XFT blends with all grades of leaded, unleaded and diesel fuels, Completely dissipates moisture in fuel systems, eliminating water droplet explosions that occur upon detonation. These explosions erode injector nozzles, lowering efficiency, thus necessitating frequent - replacement of expensive parts. Controls fungus growth in diesel fuels, and its anti-jelling agent prevents solidification of fuel. When used according to directions, Prevents Gelling and freezing of fuel in temperatures- - as low as -40oF (-29oC).

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XFT - Excel Fuel Treatment, 1 gallon (128 oz)

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